Apollo E-Liquids Pros & Cons

Like most other e-liquid brands, Apollo carries the classic flavors with their liquids. These include tobacco, menthol, dessert flavors and fruit flavors of vape liquids. These range to give everyone something to look forward to trying. They have a variety of sub-brands for their e-liquids, which can alter the pricing you see elsewhere online. For example, the Max VG e-liquids come at $12.99 for 16ml bottle. Where as, the normal e-liquids by the same company come at $13.99 for a 30ml bottle. The best value depends on what you’re looking for.apollo But, with great cost often comes great taste, so it might be worth paying a little more to try the premium juices. One of the perks about Apollo e-liquids is that there is a child safe lock protection on every bottle of liquid. This prevents mishaps, like your young one drinking getting into the liquid. A small nozzle also makes for easy pouring. Apollo e-liquids use only the highest quality ingredients, to provide constant quality to their customers. Now, for the complaints; if you don’t like super-sweet e-liquids, you may want to steer clear of any of their fruit selection. They are rated to be much sweeter than the fruit selection at other e-liquid supply stores. The flavor on these are rich, so you’ll really notice the taste.

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Why to choose e-liquids?

VGSince 2010 e-cigs industry started growing and growing till we reached time when more and more people join vapers and stop smoking. Actually, e-juices are very beneficial compared to regular cigarettes because e-liquids can be 100% VG (Vegetable Glycerin). What it’s used for in other industries for example bubble gum and other sweets. How people quit smoking so fast by vaping because it’s much easier to quit smoking by reducing nicotine in you e-juice. In addition, e-cigarettes are great because it totally breaks smoking patter and it becomes harder to get back on smoking track because you haven’t touched a regular cigarette for months.